This rural Hotel Spa is a boutique-hotel with 4 green stars – only awarded to historical buildings – located on the Romanesque route and sharing the village with the Castle of Puebla de Sanabria built in the XV century and still standing. The surrounding area is rich in vegetation as it lays in the National Park of the Sanabria Lake, one of the biggest glacial lakes in Europe and the largest in Spain. Moreover it is only a few kilometers away from the TEIXEDO forest, which served as inspiration for the interior refurbishing of the building.

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[title] The Sanabria Lake[/title]

The Sanabria Lake constitutes the vastest natural lake system in Spain. Since early 2011 you can enjoy the lake on a solar-wind propelled catamaran. It is fully equipped for educational and touristic routes, but is also used for underwater research.

[title]The Tejedelo Forest[/title]

This forest is home to over a hundred Yew trees, some over a thousand years old. The largest ones are over 8 meters in perimeter and reach heights of 13 meters. Every autumn these ever green trees harvest red arils – the so-called “treixas”- “as sweet as cherries”, which give name to our hotel-.

[title] The Castle[/title]

It sits on a vast plain on the summit of a steep mass of rock which is coated by the village. At an altitude of 960m no one could refute that the surroundings and the location of this fortress make it unassailable. It was built during the second half of the XV century, under the reign of Count Benavente.

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